Update Canon Drivers for Windows 10

After connecting your printer khổng lồ Windows 10, you need lớn install an appropriate driver. The Canon trang web is available to tải về Canon printer drivers. You can go khổng lồ their website to lớn find và tải về the driver you need. Below, you will find how to lớn tải về & install Canon printer drivers from official website.

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Since Canon has several official sites lượt thích UK site, USA website, Europe trang web, etc., & they can not nội dung the same template, so it is recommended to lớn use the browser to tìm kiếm for drivers directly.

After connecting your printer lớn Windows 10, you need to lớn install an appropriate driver. The Canon website has lachạy thử Canon drivers. You can go to their trang web to lớn find and tải về the driver you need.

Below, you will find how lớn tải về and install the driver from Canon website.

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Canon printer driver problems in Windows 10

The most comtháng Canon driver issues are Canon Digital Scanners, Canon Digital Cameras, Canon Printers and Canon Camcorders. The main reasons your Canon products vày not work are:

Canon drivers are damaged when you remove sầu other software.Canon drivers are not compatible with the new Windows 10, Windows 8.1/8Canon drivers are obsolete.The drivers are corrupted or missing when updating the Windows operating system, such as the Windows 10 update from Windows 8/7/XP

Canon driver downloads và updates may resolve driver issues.

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How To Download Update Canon Drivers For Windows 10 Manually?

See below for the steps khổng lồ Manually tải về Canon Printer Drivers for Windows 10.


Navigate to lớn driver downloads tab as shown below .

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Cliông chồng the Download button khổng lồ download its driver.

How to lớn tải về and Install Canon Classic printer drivers?

Your Canon printer still works correctly, but the new Windows 8 or 10 computer does not recognize the machine. In addition, the provided CD does not offer drivers và software for the lakiểm tra version of Windows. Fortunately, Canon offers lớn tải về the driver for không tính phí from printers and scanners. It also works to install the device on Windows 10, Linux và even Mac (iMac and Macbook).

Download Canon Printer Software (Official Site)

Select the type of product: multi-function, printer, scanner based on the machine’s part number.Choose the exact Model from the list.On the machine page, cliông chồng the “Software (Drivers and Applications)” line khổng lồ load the danh sách of available software.Select the operating system of the computer and language & confirm with the Search button.

EX – Download Update canon printer driver lbp2900b

eg: enter “canon printer driver lbp2900b“. Press enter & you will be taken khổng lồ this page https://www.canon.ie/support/consumer_products/products/printers/laser/i-sensys_lbp2900b.aspx?type=drivers&language=&os=WINDOWS%207%20(64-bit)

How khổng lồ Download Free Canon Printer Drivers Windows 1o easily?

You can go lớn the usa.canon.com to lớn search for the right Canon drivers và manually install. However, this takes you much time và some of them are might not be available on the website any more.

Steps for Canon Driver Download and Update Using Driver Restore

Download & install Driver Restore on your computer. It’s easy khổng lồ be done.

Run the software lớn initiate scanning

Select the Epson driver và cliông chồng on the Update Selected Driver button. The action will initiate the updating process of the driver. (The updated version of the driver will be downloaded.)

Follow the installation process, you will be inquired about the successful installation of the driver. In case of successful installation, clichồng ‘Yes’, if not, select ‘No’.

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Restart the system after installation of your Canon printer drivers.

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