Nine years ago, Klặng Tae Hee and Song Seung Heon starred in an extraordinary princess story!

Notching an average nationwide viewership rating of 16.1% according to Nielsen, the romantic-comedy in a way achieved a feat that is rare khổng lồ happen in a network famous for historical productions.

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Incidentally, My Princess is one of the few romance-themed dramas that joined the network’s classic favorites’ roster that includes Princess Hours, My Lovely Samsoon Coffee Prince.

Title: My PrincessNetwork: MBCTheme: Romance, ComedyLength: 16 EpisodesBroadcast Date: 5 January 2011 – 24 February 2011Main Leads: Kyên Tae Hee & Song Seung HeonOverall Rating:
Rewatch Value:
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Quichồng Plot Roundup

Lee Seol, a typical college girl wakes up realizing she is the last descendant of Korea’s monarch. To prepare for her royal duties, the grandson of a rich family indebted khổng lồ her Royal ancestor, is tasked to prep her up in facing her tasks.

The long lost princess embarks on re-claiming the honor of her royal family in the modern times. However, it will not be easy owing to lớn her need khổng lồ prove sầu her worth as a princess lớn her country và the evident rivals determined to lớn stop the Monarchy’s re-emergence.

She has to rely between the devil and the deep xanh sea lớn fulfill the responsibility laid on her hands.



Sweet Bickering Romance Overload

Kyên ổn & Song’s characters are example of your typical behind-bickering-they-love-each-other couples. Forced to be together for the princess-training plot, Kyên Tae Hee và Song Seung Heon delighted at every turn in this series.

Think Princess Diaries + Pretty Woman. The drama is such a sweet and cheery love story. Despite tremendous doses of saccharine elements, it did not go overboard & kept the emotional conflicts of the characters intact.

Sassy couple fights, well rendered sweet anh hùng display, & the mischievous yet vulnerable princess. These are some of the reasons why My Princess is such an endearing love sầu tale.

It managed lớn give depth lớn the princess-dark-knight love premise without losing the focal character conflict of the story và maintaining the bliss of the lãng mạn element of the narrative sầu.


Woman-empowering Female Lead

Engrossing for most of its run, the modern day princess portrayed by Kim interestingly draws connection. Her pains remind any woman not khổng lồ wallow on self-pity, but find solution to lớn her adveristies. At the same time, her triumphs define that little joys are much more satisfying khổng lồ celebrate.

My Princess is a saccharine treat with a brave heroine who knows how khổng lồ step up, và who understands when she needs khổng lồ rely on other people. She acknowledges her weaknesses, but she never allowed it to hinder her aspirations.

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My Princess is that drama you watch with your girlfriends on a pyjama night tiệc nhỏ when you don’t want khổng lồ talk about work và love sầu problems; và just want to rest và feel each other’s presence.