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Prog Roông chồng in 10 Albums

Influence is a shapeless thing, moving & rearranging based on sounds from the past & how they align with sounds from the present. In the case of progressive roông xã, a genre relocated from the pop charts to sheet music stands và art rock-favored stereos over the past four decades, influence has shifted in a similar way—later records that expanded the lexinhỏ have sầu lapped previous records with the incorporation of new styles, cultures and their corresponding sounds. Prog may not be burning up the rock charts, but you can see the everlasting influence of the genre in bands ranging from Tool to lớn Kanye West and beyond. With that said, here are ten crucial progressive sầu roông chồng releases for 2021 và beyond.

What's Going On, Marvin ?

In the beginning, there was "What's Going On", one of the greatest soul records ever, released 50 years ago. This is the story of how Marvin Gaye changed the history of the Motown label and of popular music in the 1970s.

The 1000 Faces of Bowie

David Bowie, star & genius, never stopped reinventing himself throughout his fascinating, shape-shifting musical career. A unique case in the history of rochồng.

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